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I'll set the scene first. My day job is that of some sort of lead facilitator at team building events and the provider which i work for sprung out of the one-time training company. I won't bore you with the details of that metamorphosis came about, however suffice to say that our collection may be wide but our options have one thing in common with one another. They all offer mastering, if required, as a part of the offer, so to speak. That means that they are great choices for graduate intake program leaders who need something to be able to liven up yet add to all their programs as and when that they get the whole group along. Annual program conferences are typically arranged for all participants in the program. These conferences in essence allow all program members the chance to share their emotions, chat with senior managers and gives feedback from their perspectives for the program itself, if only for that benefit of future generations. If they are just for a single year's cohort or the whole plan group, what you will have is often a fairly young team of people in comparison with your average team building group. The limited age span is not the only trait that is a little different to the norm. Because running an activity with regard to such a group is usually thought to be an integral part of the program, the option chosen needs to offer specific stuff too. One key part is that it needs to be enjoyable as the session is part encourage, but that is common in any case so finding an activity which measure up to that would be the more difficult challenge! Providing relevant finding out is vital though. The word related is important here. Graduate improvement is about providing often very specialised individuals a chance to work across an organisation and find out bits of it that, because and when they are offered some sort of "proper job" may not have got a direct input to but need to understand and take account of in any case. Hence the ideal activity needs to reveal that and offer a commercial time frame that helps all participants assimilate the importance of that message. To invest is an means that time needs to be put aside for the participants to think of the activity and how they discussed it so that such information stand a real chance of being picked up on and hopefully employed thereafter. That said, such a period needs to be fairly light and not remove the "feel-good" factor in which, hopefully, the action delivered. Another consideration is the minimal age span of course. The majority of what we call team bonding exercises - that is, opportunities for individuals to spend time together without necessarily including any individual as well as team development - are usually geared to younger groups. Put the development need and the proven fact that most groups of colleagues who also engage in corporate team building use a wide age span, you then just need to be sure that you are not providing a younger group something either can; t or maybe won't be able to tackle or even indeed enjoy. The good news is that presently there ate plenty of options kept that meet all of the set of guidelines above that can offer real company team building within graduate development programs in a manner to create senior managers, program commanders and program participants equally happy. The author's company, Sandstone Limited, are team building specialists with a range of exclusive activities. Their activities are so different that they have attracted partners around the world who deliver them to Sandstone's exacting standards. Many people even have one that is provided completely over the web. A few check out more details about on graduate development